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A new study shows that 28 grams of whole grains a day can help extend life and decrease the risk of suffering from major chronic diseases – keeping the doctor away.

According to the study titled “Association Between Dietary Whole Grain Intake and Risk of Mortality,” “Association Between Dietary Whole Grain Intake and Risk of Mortality,” published on January 5 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), consuming at least 28 grams of whole grains a day can lower the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by eight percent.

“That's just one two-ounce slice of our Honey Whole Wheat Bread,” said Melissa Miller, Licensed and Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Specialist for Great Harvest Bread Company. “Basically, eat a slice a day and your odds of living a longer life go up.

”The study also associated a higher consumption of whole grains with lower mortality, across the board. “You can swap just one serving of refined grains every day for one serving of whole grains,” Miller said. The study showed an eight percent in reduction in death from heart disease with this trade off. “Or swap daily red meat consumption for just one serving of whole grains every day. This research showed associated health benefits of 20 percent reduction in death from cardiovascular disease.”

The Whole Grains Council has long been an advocate for the health benefits of whole grains, following and sharing the results of study after study, including this one examining the effect of dietary whole grain on life span. The study examined data collected from more than 100,000 people over the course of 25 years in two cohort studies and was limited to participants in the U.S. who were free of cardiovascular disease and cancer when the study began. The first study followed more than 74,300 women from 1984-2010 and the second study followed more than 43,700 men from 1986-2010. With stamps of approval from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Harvard School of Public Health, both in Boston, the newest data is helping prick ears. While the results are impressive, they did not surprise Miller. “Health care and nutrition professionals have known about the health benefits of whole grains for years,” she said.

If you’re not sure how to start getting your 28 grams of whole grain a day, Great Harvest Bread Company can help you get started – for free. Stop by and enjoy a free slice cut fresh for you on the front counter’s bread board.

Whether you prefer a slice of sweet, cinnamon toast with coffee in the morning, a lunchtime sandwich stacked with fresh ingredients between slices of hearty nut bread, or the simple pleasure of an evening berry oatmeal snack, there are so many delicious ways to get your grains with Great Harvest Bread Company.

“Living life with whole grains is just better,” Miller said. Here’s to your life – lengthened and strengthened with the power of whole grains!

So what does 28 grams look like at Great Harvest? Check out your options:
• 28 grams in one 2 oz. slice of Honey Whole Wheat Bread
• 24 grams in one 2 oz. slice of Dakota Bread
• 22 grams in one 2 oz. slice of High 5 Fiber Bread
• 25 grams in one 2 oz. slice of Nine Grain Bread
• 28 grams in a half cup of Groovy Granola
• 22 grams in a half cup of dry Cranberry Almond Oatmeal Mix
• 32 grams in a half cup of dry Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Mix
• 22 grams in one 3 oz. Oat Berry Muffin

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